Tenant Services

tenantsOur distinctive tenant services help create exceptional living environments. We focus on:

  • Keeping properties as beautiful, functional, and safe as possible through renovation and quick-response maintenance
  • Getting to know our tenants by name, not just suite number; holiday gift baskets are just one personal touch that’s important to us
  • Hiring the best on-site managers and setting the highest building management standards
  • Ensuring effective communication with all tenants
  • Rewarding tenants who honour their tenancy agreements and who care about the upkeep and cleanliness of their homes through security deposit return bonuses and other incentives

We believe mutual cooperation and respect are essential to a great tenant-landlord relationship. To help create this relationship, we stand by seven promises to our tenants and we hold our tenants to seven expectations (adapted from Attitude is Everything, Inc. materials).
Our seven promises to tenants

  1. We will ensure that the premises and any items supplied by Properties of Distinction are clean and in good repair at the beginning of your tenancy.
  2. We will do whatever is reasonably possible, in an orderly manner, to upgrade and maintain the quality of the building you live in and to enhance your stay in our property.
  3. We will honour your need to have a quiet, clean, and safe personal space to come home to.
  4. We will supply a good future rental reference and honestly highlight the positive aspects of your tenancy during the term of your stay.
  5. We will honour and respect the terms of our tenancy agreement with you and will abide by the terms of the Residential Tenancies Act of Alberta.
  6. We will welcome and review any of your suggestions to make our property a better place to live.
  7. We will value you as our tenant and always treat you with respect, courtesy, and fairness through our on-site managers who are directed to do the same.

Our seven expectations of tenants

  1. You will respect and take care of the premises you have rented and will report, in writing, any damage or deterioration of the premises as soon as you become aware of it.
  2. You will always pay your rent to the building manager no later than 7 p.m. on the first day of each month. Late rent and NSF cheques cost everyone penalties, fees, and inconvenience.
  3. You will honour your agreement not to consume or posses any illegal drugs on the premises, and you will enforce this rule with guests visiting your suite.
  4. You will not have any pets or animals of any sort in your premises unless you have been granted permission in writing. The $100 fine for each pet seen in the suite will be duly enforced.
  5. You will not permit any noise or disturbance within the premises that may disturb the comfort of other tenants or neighbours, especially between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. daily.
  6. You will not permit anyone not listed on the lease to live on the premises and will contact the building manager for written permission to have guests staying on the premises for more than one week.
  7. You will provide proper notice when you choose to terminate your tenancy with us and will leave your suite clean and tidy as described in the cleaning checklist provided by Properties of Distinction

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